In the meantime (May 3rd, 2003) an article from Wayne Madsen, a former temporary special agent of the US federal police FBI, entitled "Combining biological and economic warfare" was published on his website []. This article underlines my view of SARS: "...that SARS has broken out in China and the virus has been transmitted to Canada via the busy travel routes existing between China, Hong Kong, and ... Toronto ... due to Canada's large Asian population" and that there was a group "... that originally planned on conducting a bio-terrorism campaign involving the distribution of an unknown virus in major airline terminals" (in this case throughout the USA).

Herbert Masslau

SARS  –  A Biological Weapons Attack ?

(April 2nd, 2003)


Facts & hypotheses

SARS, the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, only has taken some weeks to spread world-wide.

This is not normal for an epidemic disease. Also the kind of spreading: only along flying routes.

The virus that causes SARS, following the main opinion, is a form of coronavirus, which normally causes a moderate respiratory disease that in the special case of a weak immune system could turn into pneumonia.

But in the case of SARS the physicians and scientists are convinced that it is a new form of coronavirus only 50 % identical with the well-known forms of this virus and something between the bovine and the avian form.

So, is it fetched from too far to say that this new form of coronavirus might be the product of biological weapons research?

The first relevant group of people being infected was hospital personnel.

Logically, because infected people are sent to hospital when they fell severe ill.

The first clusters of SARS were Guangdong (China), Hong Kong (China), Hanoi (Vietnam), Singapore (Singapore) and Toronto (Canada).

Hong Kong and Guangdong are in the list of the first clusters of SARS the places with the most cumulative numbers of cases. Meanwhile the cases of Singapore and Toronto have been retraced to Hong Kong.

The first appearence of SARS officially is maintained for Guangdong, a southern province of China, in February 2003, and meanwhile retraced to November 2002.

Also Hong Kong belongs to that territory. So it could be that not the farmers and their livestock in a southern chinese province caused SARS, but that SARS is spread  from the Hong Kong airport into the surrounding province by normal trade.

Unusual facts – unusual ideas

Both, strange and remarkable, is that SARS appears during the phase of preparations for the war on Iraq.

If someone is asked to find an optimum place in the world for an attack with biological weapons, not very harmful but effective enough to cause a stir (a diversion, too), and, with global spreading in a short time, would not be the answer that there are only three places in the world to do so: the airports of Hong Kong, Singapore and New York – highly frequented places with extreme global connections? There are no other places in the world with souch a global traffic (banking centers, global finances) that guarantees a comparable success. In the case of SARS the chosen place seems to be Hong Kong. And in addition because of the vicinity to that southern chinese region which is well-known as place of origin of world-wide waves of influenca – good for a diversionary tactic.

And why should it be this way? Because there is one good reason for doing: to divert the public from the war on Iraq!

Remains the question: who managed it? The same group of interest that started the anthrax attacks in the United States?


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